*Lady Butterfly* A Poem by Christine Senter

She glides on wings,
with colors bright.
Looking a little,
Like soft dancing light.

A modern day fairy,
that flitters around
A colorful sprite,
that makes not a sound.

Floating so freely,
on warm summer days.
Across the tall grasses,
she gingerly sways.

Beautiful lady,
a flower in the sky,
So timid and graceful,
Lady Butterfly.

Christine Senter

CHRYSALIS – A Poem by James Elmore

The membrane between you and I
Grows thin enough to pierce
My thrashing head has
Worn it smooth
The ridges of my brow
Lacerating streaks of light
Insight ending suffocation

I am becoming

And on the day of birth
When you will come for me
And we return as one
This agonizing process
Will leave an empty shell of dust
I will not miss it or account it much
After love and I unite

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